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Our Vision

Our vision for the Outer Hebrides is a prosperous, well-educated and healthy community enjoying a good quality of life and fully realising the benefits of our natural environment and cultural traditions.

Within this site you can find information about Community Planning in the Outer Hebrides and our Single Outcome Agreement, together with minutes, and other useful links.

You can also follow the Partnership on Twitter @OHCPP 

Please contact us at  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  if you require further information.


Local Outcomes Improvement Plan


Community Planning is how public agencies work together with the Community to plan and deliver better services which make a difference to people’s lives. In 2015 the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015 placed a duty on Community Planning Partners to demonstrate that they are making a significant impact on the achievement of outcomes as a result of partnership working. In doing so Community Planning Partnerships must prepare and publish a Local Outcomes Improvement Plan (LOIP) which sets out the priority local outcomes it proposes to improve by October 2017.


Our finalised draft plan can be accessed here. This signals our joint commitment to making change happen and will be submitted for approval as appropriate to Community Planning Partners prior to final endorsement by the OHCPP on 22 November 2017. You are invited to make any final comments and suggestions by 31 October 2017 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and such comments or suggestions will be considered by the OHCPP in November when it approves the finalised LOIP.


This plan reflects our vision and priorities over the next 10-20 years


Our vision is to promote and realise the full potential of the Outer Hebrides as a prosperous well educated and healthy community enjoying a good quality of life and fully realising the benefits of our natural environment and cultural values

Our priorities are:

1       The Outer Hebrides retains and attracts people to ensure a sustainable population

2       The Outer Hebrides has sustainable Economic Growth and all our people have access to appropriate employment opportunities

3       The Outer Hebrides offers attractive opportunities that improve the quality of live, wellbeing and health for all our people


The vision and strategic priorities were agreed by the OHCPP in May 2017 and provide a clear focus for the OHCPP.  These reflect the areas where the partnership is striving to make maximum impact and drive improved outcomes in the face of the key challenges it has identified for the next 10 years. This LOIP focuses on how Community Planning Partners will bring added value by working together; it does not replace the plans and strategies of individual partners. Partners are already working to address the demographic challenges our community faces and the LOIP reflects our collective commitment to working together in partnership with our communities to create transformational change and achieve a sustainable population.


In the spirit of Continuous Improvement this LOIP will be endorsed by OHCPP as a living document and will continue to evolve as our approach to improvement develops and matures; and as we strengthen our arrangements for working jointly with communities. The Plan will be reviewed at least annually.


Locality Plans

The LOIP is for the whole of the Outer Hebrides but we have also initially identified two areas where additional focussed effort is required.  The OHCPP used Community Profile information (which can be accessed here) to identify two areas within the Outer Hebrides which are experiencing poorer outcomes and less improvement than other areas within the Outer Hebrides and within Scotland.


When we look at seven key characteristics which can be compared across Scotland and apply them to the Outer Hebrides, Benbecula and North Uist is identified as the second most vulnerable area within the Outer Hebrides.  It is performing more poorly than expected when compared to other areas in Scotland with a similar demographic profile.  When we look at improvement over time it has improved the least internally across the Outer Hebrides and also when compared to other Scottish areas. We analysed the Place Standard Tool responses from this area and held community meetings facilitated by Third Sector colleagues.  This enabled us to identify the priority areas for North Uist and Benbecula. We have produced a finalised draft Locality Plan for Benbecula and North Uist which can be accessed here.  You are invited to make any final comments and suggestions by 31 October 2017 to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Any comments or suggestions will be considered by the OHCPP in November.


Stornoway West is the most vulnerable area in the Outer Hebrides when measured against the seven key characteristics mentioned above. The OHCPP agreed on 31 May 2017 to produce a Locality Plan for Stornoway West.  Analysis of Place Standard Tool responses and a community meeting identified a number of priorities in Stornoway West. However, we are aware that Stornoway East shares many of these challenges and the data tells us that it is improving at a slightly slower rate.  The OHCPP agreed on 31 August 2017 to look again at the extent of the area within Stornoway which should be covered by a Locality Plan.  We will discuss this with the communities concerned and report back to the CPP.


How Good is Your Community?

The OHCPP has set out a survey to find out what you think of the area in which you live. What are the facilities like? Do you feel included in your community and how could the organisations of the Outer Hebrides improve your experience?

Initial results and more detailed findings are in the reports below

icon Initial survey results public_may 2017 (514.96 kB)

icon How Good is Our Place Final Report (3.51 MB)

icon How Good is Our Place Report North Uist and Benbecula (2.38 MB)

icon How Good is Our Place Report Stornoway West (2.78 MB)

The results from this survey will be used by all partner organisations to identify priorities for action for the next 10 years.

Congratulations to the winner of our £50 coop gift card draw and thank you to everyone who has particpated in the survey.


OHCPP Board Meetings

The next meeting of the OHCPP Board is 31 May 2017 and was due to take place in Barra, however in light of recent tragic events affecting the Barra community, the meeting of the CPP Board will be hosted from Stornoway. Video conferencing will be available from Uist and Barra.

It is intended that the November 2017 meeting take place in Barra with the normal attendant community engagement.

Papers for the meeting are available here.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.

If you would like more information about our schedule and location of meetings in 2017 please click here.


Our thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of Laura Macintyre and Eilidh Macleod, and with all those affected.


Community Justice Partnerships

The new Community Justice (Scotland) Act sets out a new way of delivering outcomes for Community Justice. The Outer Hebrides Community Justice Partnership has published its Community Justice Outomce Improvement Plan 2017-18 and further information is available here.


Uist and Barra public transport – participatory budgeting project

Following the success of the Uist and Barra public transport project, resources to assist other public bodies with the Participatory Budgeting processes, including templates and examples from the Uist and Barra procurement exercise are now available here.


Welfare Reforms and Poverty

Information about the Welfare Reforms and some of the impacts can be found here.

Internet Access Points

A map of Western Isles Comhairle and Community facilities offering internet access can be found here.


Survival Guide

The Western Isles Poverty Action Group and Partners have revised the Survival Guide for people in crisis or affected by Welfare Reforms. Hard copies are available from all Western Isles Citizen Advice Bureaus and can be downloaded here:

icon In Crisis, need help - Survival Guide (1.14 MB)


Single Outcome Agreement: Measuring Success

The OHCPPs SOA Annual Report 2015-16 is avaiable here






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